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Reflexology is a relaxing way to promote your body's natural healing abilities through nerve stimulation, while improving circulation and encouraging immune system balance.


Foot Reflexology, a deeply relaxing footwork therapy, applies specialized techniques on reflex points to revitalize the entire body as a whole. This promotes the alpha state of relaxation which improves circulation and restores a state of balance enabling the body to heal itself. Each session includes a warm aromatherapy foot bath with an herbal scrub, a lavender eye pillow, warm towels, and basalt stones.


Hand Reflexology utilizes reflexology techniques to pamper your hands. There are over 2500 nerve endings in each of your hands. The 31 pairs of nerves that emerge from the spine end in the hands and feet, thus providing access to the central nervous system. Reflexology provides stress relief, improves circulation, and helps to balance the immune system, while relaxing the muscles in your tired hands.

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