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Facial Reflexology: This is a stress relieving therapy which applies ancient techniques to reflex points on the face, scalp and ears. It is used throughout the world to promote circulation, anti-aging, and relaxation. During this luxurious experience HobaCare pure unrefined jojoba is applied to the skin to protect its delicate surface while its natural properties nourish and pamper your skin.


Cool LaStone Facial Reflexology: This therapy harmonizes the facial reflexology session with the benefits of cooled marble and amethyst stones. The cold functions as a powerful decongestant, pushing fluid and waste out of the overworked, chronically tense or inflamed tissue. It also increases micro-circulation which actually promotes cellular regeneration, while improving muscle tone and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Combined with specialized reflexology techniques, induces the anti-aging effect and improving skin health.





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